The dotcom Difference

As a vendor, you get all of the services that you would expect from a typical real estate agency (including the marketing) and from a buyer’s perspective the service is what you would expect from a real estate agency. This part may appear the same and in-part it’s the peace of mind you may seek, however…
The dotcom Property Sales difference from other real estate agencies on the Central Coast NSW is that each dotcom agent, including myself is an independent business owner.
I have a vested interest in my own dotcom Property Sales Agency based here on the Central Coast and our team. As a business owner, my commitment and interest in providing outstanding results for you (the vendor) goes well beyond that of an employed Real Estate Agent.
Consider that an employed Real Estate Agent receives a wage and will get a bonus if they sell your property.
If they don’t sell your property – they still get paid.
There is little motivation to perform well in their sales for their vendors and for Real Estate Agents' like myself that thrive on achieving dream results for home owners selling their property, I want more than a job – I want to live my vocation!
The dotcom Property Sales business model was the perfect fit for me in providing a network of like-minded professionals. dotcom Property Sales originated in Newcastle and has quickly expanded within Newcastle, into Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Another quality of dotcom Property Sales that won me over is that it provides a robust backend office that efficiently runs all of the back-of-house functions including the trust accounting, marketing and administration that leaves me with the opportunity to spend more time with clients – where I’m most happy!
So how does this business model work? All dotcom business owners operate on a commission-only basis and pay a service fee back to dotcom Property Sales for the business functions provided.
It’s clear to see that you couldn’t sustain a dotcom Property Sales business if you were not good at selling property!
It takes a passion for selling real estate, an entrepreneurial drive and proven skills that deliver outstanding sales results for clients. I’m excited to be on my journey in growing my own real estate agency and team – watch this space!